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Using extensions

Extensions are little programs that let you integrate new functionality on Stardust.
You can, for example, install one extension to share you images on facebook.

Stardust can use extensions, are little computer programs packaged in a single file, developed to be installed in a simple and silently way.

Installing extensions.

Theres three ways to install one extension.

Using built-in browser and installer.

Stardust have one built-it utility that lets you browse and install extensions in just some clicks.
To find this option make this simple steps.
  1. Open Stardust.
  2. Go to Extensions tab.
  3. Click on Get More.
  4. Select one of the listed extensions.
  5. And then make click on Install.

Then the Extension will be downloaded and integrated in the Stardust GUI.

Download and Install one extension.

When you Install stardust, your computer will be prepared to recognize one Stardust Extension.
So when you open one Stardust Extension File this extension will be installed on Stardust.
To do this just follow this steps.
  1. Download a selected Script.
  2. When downloaded, go to the destination Directory where you downloaded the extension.
  3. Make double click on the extension file, an Stardust Extension uses the format .sext (Stardust exttension)

The Stardust will be opened, but now the installation will be installed.

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