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CintieFramework Script

The CintieFramework is the most important element in one Stardust Extensions.
Contains a markup that describes what information uses script when executed.

The CintieFramework script defines this things:


Is an script in IronPython Code.
This script uses information what Stardust Generates, such a list of images that are being displayed in Stardust and the theme that the user is using.

When an extension is executed Stardust will generate this variables.
  • _selImg. that contains the System.Uri of the newer image that user selected.
  • _selImages. that contains one List<System.Uri> with a list of the user is using in Stardust.
  • _theme. that contains the ResourceDictionary that represents the theme that Stardust is using.
  • _resourcesDir. that contains the Directory that the extension uses to store additional content.
The execution procces will be continue as any IronPython Script, you can use any reference of .NET Framework 4.0.

When the extension is finaliced, Stardust will search for some variables that at this step should contain one result to be loaded in the Stardust Image List.

The result can be represended by:
  • One List<Uri> variable wich most have the name _result. All the images on this list will be loaded by Stardust.

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